The Survey screen opens when a user who has been assigned to create surveys clicks the Survey button.

This is the screen that appears.It has two sections:

  • tasks
  • business components

Each year that the user has been assigned to appears in the Year pulldown. The user should submit a survey for each year they have been assigned to fill out. The year is chosen via the year pull down.  

The system requires the user the certify that the form has been filled accurately and must certify that by clicking the Certify checkbox.

The NOTE: at the top of the form will explain what type of survey is being worked on and who it will be attributed to, when finally submitted.

Each Task (up to 6 per survey) can be chosen from the pulldown.This pulldown includes many standard engineering tasks. If your task is not found choose "other" and fill in the comment. Comments are "free form" explanations. The rightmost column should be filled in with the approximate percent of the year spent doing the chosen "task".

The total % of time spent on all the tasks cannot total to greater than 100%.

The Business Component section shows pulldowns that have been entered by the admin. A business component is the item (product, process, etc) that is the desired end product of the research. In order to be qualified, all work must be done to create or modify a business component.

The total % of time spent on all the tasks cannot total to more than 100%.

The Submit button will log the information entered into the Survey screen to the data warehouse. The user should fill out both the task section and the business component section for each year and then Submit the Survey. The system reports on how many surveys were written to database. A manager with 5 reports will get a popup Surveys written of 6. The system has recorded a survey for each of the 5 employees plus the manager's own survey.

Close Survey allows a user to close the Survey screen and return to the main Extension window.

Help brings up this Help System.

About brings the user to the Substantiator "landing page".

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