Pressing the Submit button will send your chosen fields to the server. Lines that are not fully filled out (ie the word "choose" appears) will be ignored. See the image below to view a grid that has not been "completed" by an engineer/scientist.

Once the Submit has been received, the Substantiator server will report back the actual number of items that have been logged. Only rows completely filled out are counted.  In the upper left hand corner the user can change the current week. The extension will then re-populate with morning and afternoon periods for the work days in the chosen week.

Double left clicking anywhere on the popup will use the favorites to populate the "choose" fields. After using favorites to "automatically" fill in the choose fields, the user can then manually change whatever items they wish before submitting the whole page to the server.

You are not limited to only entering data for the current week. You can modify the dates, fill in the items, and then submit for any dates desired, in the past or the future.  

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