To setup a campaign follow these steps:

  1. Create an account for yourself and login into the Controller. Here you will setup all the configurations that engineers/scientists will see.
  2. Add the information required for the menu items (ie. Main, Maintain Employees, Business Components, etc). Work from left to right. Some menu items are informational such as Org Chart, Recent Activities and Surveys. Download is only useful once data has been accumulated.
  3. Add a new Campaign in the Main menu item. Fill in the name of the main contact. Make sure the campaign you just added appears as the Active Campaign. The Admin can "start or stop" individual campaigns from Main, edit. It can be useful to not "START" a campaign running until it is totally set up, but this is not a requirement. When a campaign is not running, engineers/scientists will not be able to log their activities. There is also no need to stop a campaign in order to change any of its parameters.
  4. Add Employees. Use the Maintain Employees to add employee names, titles, manager's name, etc. This is where Survey attribution is set up, along with the Survey Years and if an employee is terminated.
  5. Add Business Components. Business Components are the products or processes you sell or use yourself.
  6. Add Projects. These are the objectives that you are attempting to accomplish on the Business Component.
  7. Add Activities. You can pick from the list. If there are any you want to use that don't appear, skip to the User Defined Activity tab and add them there. Then go back to the Activities tab and you will see your new Activities (plus all the old ones). Custom Activities are shared among all of an Admins campaigns.

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