Regardless of what Survey Type is assigned,  the admin has overall control over the maximum number of required surveys. % survey complete is the actual percent of the population that have either completed surveys themselves or had someone else complete a survey for them. The "someone else" could be their direct manager, another employee with the same title or job code, or another employee who works in their department. This is useful if a probability sample will be performed. The advantage of it is that it reduces the amount of effort required by the technical staff to track their activities.

From the Campaigns screen we can see that for Apple (fictional example) the admin has set the max upper survey limit to 8%. The % Survey Complete column shows the current percent of surveys completed. Since in this case more surveys have been completed than are required for a statistical analysis, the system will disable additional surveys from being assigned to employees. These settings can be changed on the Edit screen.

The Active column allows an admin to start or stop a campaign(s). The Current button will set the Current campaign. This is a global setting and only one campaign can be current for each admin. Of course each admin has his own "current" setting. You can see which campaign by viewing the Active Campaign label in the upper left corner. The Active Campaign is the only campaign that will be displayed in the Maintain Employees, Business Components, Projects, and Activity windows.

Custom Activities are able to be created and then can be used by all admins on their own campaigns.

Org charts are important in qualifying research. This one uses the relationships entered into the Maintain Employees screens to build a graph.

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