The R&D Substantiator System consists of two parts:

    1. R&D Substantiator Extension
    2. Substantiator Controller

The Substantiator Extension is the add-on for Chrome Browsers that allows employees to log both their current activity information and also historical information. The Substantiator Controller allows administrators to set up a campaign which includes the fields that the user of the extension can choose from. Both the Extension and the Controller are documented separately in the Help System.

The Substantiator Extension consists of two main parts:

       a) Substantiator Contemporaneous Activity Tracker

       b) Survey System

Both of the Extension subsystems send data to the Substantiator Controller, which is a cloud-based web app application (written in PHP) that stores the information securely in a cloud based database. The database used conforms with a 99.999% (aka 5 nines) SLA.

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