To Login, the Substantiator Extension uses the Google profile. Th Substantiator Extension is only available  for users of the Chrome browser, at this time. The Substantiator (Extension and Controller) uses Gmail email addresses extensively to identify employees and managers. Use of Gmail addresses is a requirement.  By using Google Oauth2 authentication, a user does not need to enter a user ID and password as long as they are on a machine where they have previously logged into Chrome.

When the user presses the login button, the title of the popup screen, the blue header will change to "Logged In" and the icon in the upper right corner of the popup will change to display the user's photo along with their name and Campaign. The Campaign can be the name of a company or a division or department. Each Campaign is limited to 200 employees and this will affect your decisions concerning whether to split up Campaigns by companyThe name of the user and also their assigned Campaign will appear.  At the same time, all of the pull downs: Business Component, Project, Activity (and Survey, if applicable) will populate. or division.  Every time a user clicks outside the popup,  the system will log-off the user. Therefore next time you bring up the R&D popup, you will need to Login again. Luckily logging in is as simple as clicking login; the existing Google Userid and Password is used.


Business Component - this is the thing that is either sold or used internally by your company.

Project - this is what you are attempting to achieve. For example, if your business component is a cherry pie, your project might be "to make the pie crust moister".

Activity - this is what actions were performed. In our pie example it might be "tested binding agents" or "gathered test data". There are only two 4-hour periods per day; AM and PM. The activity should have taken the majority of the AM or the PM.

Each time you log-in, the grid is repopulated and the user is quickly re-authenticated against Google's Oauth2 authentication servers.

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