The Substantiator Extension's icon (R&D Test Tubes) appears at the top of the Chrome browser window on the right hand side. If you don't see the R&D Test Tubes, or if it is grayed out, then the Substantiator is not correctly installed. Even if the R&D Test Tubes are present, unless an administrator has set up the campaign and entered your email address in the system, you will not be able to log in.

The Substantiator Extension gets installed into the Chrome browser. Because of it's distributed architecture (running in the local Browser rather than on a server somewhere), it responds almost instantly to a user's requests. Also it is available at any time by the user from a Brower pull-down, without having to interrupt the regular job workflow.

Installation is through the Chrome Extension Web-store. Use of the R&D Substantiator (both the Extension and the Controller) is absolutely free.

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