The Maintain Employees menu shows basic information about each employee. This will only show employees who are assigned to a specific campaign (Apple in this example). The screen allows the Admin to set up adhoc filters. For example this screen can be limited to only display employees from the Sales department.

This screen is where you add employees to the Current Campaign. For employees who are no longer employed by the company, add in a Termination date.

You are not required to fill in every field, but some things are important. For example, if you plan on using the Org Chart feature, you will need to populate the Manager field.

The chart below shows how you can set the Survey field. This is only used for assigning surveys to employees. Setting this field to NONE removes this employee from being able to fill in their own survey. However, if this employee's manager is set TEAM MANAGER, the manager's survey will be used for this employee. JOB Code, Job TITLE, and Department, all work the same way. For example, one developer's Survey field can be set to JOB TITLE. This means that this developers surveys will be attributed to all employees with the title "Developer".

PRIVATE, on the other hand, allows the employee to fill out their own survey. Another employee can also fill out a "group survey" (if they have the proper authority) which includes this employee. In that case it is possible to have two different surveys for a single employee.

The Survey button shows this employee's current Survey assignment and can be changed by going to the Edit screen.

type of Survey Designation

who is affected?


no one


only the current user


all employees who work for the manager


all employees with the same job code designation


all employees with the same job title


all employees of specific department

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