The Edit button for each campaign allows an administrator to set up a campaign or modify an existing one. The Contact name, email, and phone info is just to allow the administrator to keep track of who the local contact, as the Substantiator was designed to run in the cloud and many (hundreds of) locations at the same time.

Running?- turns a campaign on or off for engineers/scientists. It in no way affects the admin's abilities to modify the setup. This can be toggled on the edit screen.

% upper Survey Limit- this sets the max number of surveys to be filled out. It is used to reduce the "survey burden" on the engineers/scientists. If this is set to 50%, once surveys have been completed for 50% of the employees, employees will no longer be able to fill out additional surveys. This can be useful if a statistical sample is being used.

% surveys complete- this is a "real-time" display of the percent of surveys already finished. Use the edit button to change these values.

Running? determines if a campaign is running or not. Stopping a campaign from running only affects a users ability to login to the Extension.  You may prefer to set this to "not running" until you have completed configuring your campaign.

Number of Employees displays the number of employees who are registered for this campaign.

Number of Employees with Surveys displays the number of employees who have completed the survey (or who have had someone else complete their survey).

% Surveys Complete displays the percentage of employees who have completed surveys.

% Upper Survey limit sets the max percent of surveys required. For example if there are 10 employees for a campaign, but the % upper limit is set to 20%, the system will stop employees from filling in Surveys after the first two surveys have been completed.

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