A Campaign is a configuration that allows engineers/scientists/technologists to log their activity data  in a format that is useful for compiling tax data. The Substantiator uses email addresses as a way to keep user data formatted as well as authenticating employees. The Substantiator Controller allows a single administrator with a single email address to configure up to six campaigns that can run simultaneously. This can be used for six companies, or for six divisions or subsidiaries of one company. Each Campaign is completely independent of the others.

The R&D Substantiator is a cloud based application that is free to use.

An employee can only log into the system if : (1) they have installed the Substantiator Extension for Chrome (2) they have a gmail account (3) their email address has been added by an administrator who is running the campaign.

The Substantiator Controller logs itself off after 30 minutes of non-use. Being logged into the Controller or not doesn't affect the running campaigns.

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