The MAIN panel is chosen by hovering and clicking on the word Campaign in the black header below. This opens the most important screen of the Substantiator Controller. The screen shot below shows two campaigns currently being run by this Admin.

A single administrator can set-up up to 6 campaigns, each with a maximum of 200 employees. This can be used for different divisions of a company or different companies.Only the administrator who has created the campaigns has access to modify them, and each one is kept totally separately.

The CURRENT CAMPAIGN can be set with the Current button on this screen. This is the most important control in the Substantiator. Only one campaign (per administrator) can be the Current Campaign. All of the menus (except Download History) will only use the Current Campaign. For example, in this case, because Apple is the CURRENT CAMPAIGN, any Business Components or Activities added will only be added for Apple.

The Make Active button to the right of each campaign will set the adminstrator's active campaign and the Active Campaign title will appear on every screen in the Controller. In this case Apple Technologies is the active campaign. As you will see in later topics, all administrator actions correspond to whatever the active campaign is. This does NOT imply that only the Apple Technologies campaign is running; all campaigns start running as soon as they are entered into the Campaign panel.

The Active Column shows whether the campaign is active (ie: can a user log into it?).

The Current button will change the Active Campaign designation. This only affects the admin's view. All menu choices work on the "Active Campaign". This has nothing to do with starting or stopping a campaign. All campaigns are running at all times unless the Admin turns the campaign's Active button off.

IMPORTANT: You cannot set a campaign to "RUNNING" unless you created at least one business component and one project for that campaign.

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